In 2016, the founders of Access Veterinary Care realized their shared vision of a different kind of veterinary care. They knew that costs were too high for many pet owners and that those pets were falling through the cracks.

Rather than accept it, they decided to change it. Access Veterinary Care was born. Our goal: to provide exceptional veterinary care in an approachable, affordable, accessible way.

We truly believe it can be that simple.

Urgent Care Hours:

Thursday – Monday | 11am – 9pm

Click HERE for daily check-in instructions. To ensure we give each patient our full love and attention, capacity is limited and we may fill up for the day.

Preventative Care Hours (after September 21st):

Every other Wednesday | 8am – 5pm

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Access Veterinary Care

6225 42nd Ave. N.
Minneapolis, MN 55422



Valuing the human-animal bond as one cohesive unit.


Delivering high-quality veterinary medical care.


Eliminating barriers to veterinary medical care, be it cost, location or simply when we’re open.


Prioritizing collaboration and a culture of inclusivity with clients, employees and our neighbors.


Providing clients with knowledge and resources to make informed decisions about their pet’s health.


Honoring these values in all that we do.

Whoever you are, whatever your pet, whatever your income – we welcome you!

Veterinary services for dogs of all kinds. Aggressive dog? No worries, we can help.

We even have some limited services for turtles, rabbits, rats, snakes, hamsters…you name it! Please call ahead to get doctor availability.

Veterinary care for cats, including outdoor cats.

Why Choose Access Veterinary Care?

If you’ve never seen a veterinarian, think you can’t afford it, if English isn’t your first language, if your schedule is limited…we are here to serve you.  Conveniently open evenings and weekends!

Sick dog wearing a cone

Our Veterinary Services

We provide routine care, urgent care services and treat chronic diseases on a fully walk-in basis – even on the weekends!  Our services include:

  • Urgent Care
  • Sick pet services
  • Surgery
  • Basic shots and vaccinations
  • Yearly check-ups
  • X-ray
  • Dental

Check out our Services & Pricing page here!