How Do I Check In?

As of June 10th, our check-in will be completely online! Online registration starts at 9:00 am and closes when we’ve filled up for the day, or at 5:00 pm. There are 3 available visit types, so you’ll need to select the right one for your pet
We have:

  • “Stable Illness and Injury visits” for your common injuries and ailments like ear infections, tummy upset, limping, prescription renewals, painful mouth, small puncture wounds, etc. These require diagnostics, prescription medications, and doctor involvement.
  • “Unstable Illness and Injury Visits” for pets who are more urgently ill or injured. They may require more immediate or extensive intervention, or even surgery. Some examples are: straining to urinate or defecate (especially in male cats), pets who are suddenly and severely vomiting, suspected toxin ingestion, suspected foreign object ingestion, difficulty breathing, open mouth breathing in cats, falls from a significant height, hit by cars, large wounds, extreme pain, etc.
  • “Preventative Care visits” for healthy pets just in need of routine vaccinations, preventatives, dental assessments, etc. If your pet has a medical concern, please don’t choose this visit type. We may not be able to accommodate your visit, and you may be asked to try again another day.
  • If your pet just needs a nail trim, an anal gland expression, a suture removal, or a drain removal please stop by or give us a call instead of booking online. We generally do not need you to secure a visit for these individual services and can accommodate these single service needs throughout the day. If your pet needs these services in addition to others, please secure a visit online.
  • End of Life Visit: To best accommodate the families, we specially schedule euthanasia services. We ask that anyone in need of this service call us to discuss scheduling, instead of booking online.
If I don’t fill out the intake form/patient history, will I still be checked in?

You’ll need to go through the entire check in process, until you reach a confirmation page, in order to secure your visit for the day. When you secure a spot through the initial check-in page, that spot is temporarily held (giving you ample time to fill out the intake and history form). However, you are not checked in yet, so keep going! We just need a little more information to complete your registration. Once you complete the intake and history form you will be directed to a confirmation page. If you do not reach the confirmation page, we will not receive your check-in information and your visit will not be saved.

What if my visit type is at capacity?

Unlike a 24-hour emergency center, we do close at night. That means there is a limit to the number of patients that we can see in a day, and a limited number of corresponding visit types. We’re open until 9:00 pm, but its not uncommon for us to reach capacity right away in the morning. We always recommend checking in early if you’d like a guaranteed spot for the day. We do also have a “non-guaranteed waitlist” option available so we can see as many patients as possible each day. If someone cancels, or we finish earlier than anticipated, we will pull patients off the waitlist to see at the end of the night.

If we are full and your pet needs more immediate care, we strongly recommend contacting a 24-hour emergency center or another veterinary clinic.

Can I walk-in and secure a visit?

Check-in will now be completely online. Our reception staff will be happy to help you check in using the online system when we open at 11:00. However, we do fill up quite rapidly most days and may be at capacity by time we open. All other clients will be given the option to be added to the non-guaranteed waitlist.

I’ve checked in. When will I be seen?

Visits can take place anytime between 11:00 am and 9:00 pm. Visits are based on medical need so Emergent and Urgent visits will be seen first. If your pet is stable and okay to wait, we will give you notice approximately one hour before your provider will be ready for your pet. That way, if you’re out running errands or eating lunch, you have some time to finish up and head back. Once we send your visit notification, please let us know when you are on your way!

Is it safe for my pet to wait to be seen?

If we are closed or at capacity and you think your pet has an immediate, life threatening illness or injury, we always recommend going straight to an ER. If your pet is not actively in danger, but still seems like they may need to be prioritized, we will be providing a triage at 11:00 am.  Please meet our medical team at the main entrance when we open so they can assess the stability of your pet. If your pet is stable enough to wait, we will have you come back later. If they are unstable, in need of extensive diagnostics, a sedated procedure, or hospitalization, we will ask you to stay while we get together your pet’s care plan.

Can I schedule a visit?

We are primarily an Urgent Care clinic so we don’t schedule visits in advance. The only visits we currently schedule are end of life procedures, dentals, and surgical procedures. Apart from end of life services, all scheduled visits are done after an initial consult and generally cannot be done prior to establishing care with one of our providers.

Am I allowed to be in the building with my pet?

Due to COVID, we have adopted curbside care which means you won’t be able to be in the building with your pet. We may make exceptions in the case of end of life procedures or critically ill patients. Those exceptions will be at the discretion of the attending veterinarian. Only our vestibule will be open to the public and a face-covering is still required. Acceptable face coverings include masks, or shields with a mask underneath. Open face shields, face shields without a mask, neck gators, or t-shirts pulled up and over the mouth will not be allowed. If you do not have a face covering, or cannot wear one, we ask that you call us and do not enter the building.

What days are you doing preventative care, like vaccines, nail trims, and wellness checks?

Currently, we are offering preventative care 5 Days a week! We’ll have some availability to do preventative care services Thursday – Monday during our walk-in clinic hours. Watch for updates on preventative care visits in the future!

What precautions are you taking during COVID-19?
  • We’ve added online check-in partially to accommodate the changing needs caused by COVID-19. You can now check-in online, or on our kiosk as a low or no-contact solution
  • We’ve adopted curbside care to limit exposure between our clients and staff.
  • Hand sanitizers are provided in public spaces
  • Staff and clients inside the building are required to wear a face covering at all times. Acceptable face coverings include masks, neck gators, bandanas, and scarves. Open face shields or t-shirts pulled up and over the mouth will not be allowed.
  • All clipboards, pens, etc. are sanitized after each use.
  • Even in critical cases, only one family member is allowed in the building with their pet. Other family members are encouraged to wait outside or in their vehicles. If your family would like to be present for an end of life procedure, please call us to discuss arrangements.
  • All exams and diagnostics will be performed away from the owner to accommodate CDC recommendations and reduce contact time.
  • Exam rooms are extensively cleaned between each patient visit and at the end of each day
  • At 8:00 pm we start deep cleaning public spaces to prepare for the next morning.
What days are you open during COVID-19?

Unless there are staff illnesses, we will be open our regular days of Thursday-Monday (closed for walk-ins on Tuesday and Wednesday). We will keep the website and our facebook page updated if any closures or changes in hours occur. Hours are 11am-9 pm, but we do often hit our “max capacity” early on, so at some point we stop taking new visits. Feel free to give us a call to check how our day is going!

Should I let you know if my pet or I have food allergies?

Absolutely! We have a wide variety of treats we use to make our patients happy, including peanut butter. If your pet has a protein allergy (chicken, beef, etc.) or if you have a peanut, fish, or other severe allergy, please let us know!

I’m at the Emergency Room with my pet and they need surgery. Can Access do that surgery?

In most cases, yes! We have a great relationship with the emergency rooms and can handle a variety of emergency surgeries, including removing foreign objects, pyometras, cystotomies, C-sections, trauma and more. It’s perfectly fair for you to ask the ER if your pet is stable enough to be transferred elsewhere for a surgery and then give us a call to check our availability.